• Philosophy... a Note from the Founder
    The Phoenix Center was born of my desire to creatively contribute to the community in a way that speaks authentically from my own struggles, interests, and passions along this journey. My childhood years were spent living in a tough neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, a city that has consistently grappled with concentrated areas of extreme poverty, and with violent crime and homicide rates among the highest in the nation. From an early age I witnessed horrifying examples of social injustice, and became keenly aware of the challenges faced by many in my community. The magnitude of the world's heartache left me with many questions and conflicted feelings. I felt deep despair at the seemingly infinite suffering, yet I felt equally awed by the spirit with which we as human beings continue to find compassion, joy, and beauty, despite (or as a result of?) our most trying experiences.

    How do we, collectively and as individuals, balance our hopes and fears to transform and sustain a world that is currently plagued with poverty, homelessness, war, addiction, hunger, crime, hatred, disease, and perhaps worst of all, apathy? Although there have been (and still are) days when the answers do not come easily, they always come. They come to me most clearly in those precious fleeting moments when my spirit is overrun with love, light, and beauty; and the answers are always the same: Dream, Plan, Learn, Connect, Celebrate, Serve. These are the transformative actions that have given breath to my personal and professional life, and I work with each client to incorporate these elements as they seek growth along their own path.

    The Phoenix Center takes a unique and holistic approach to leadership. Some view leadership as if it were an elite gift, to be cultivated only in a select few who demonstrate certain qualities. I propose that we are all in fact leaders, the question is by whom are we followed, and to what end? Each and every individual has a responsibility and an opportunity to explore their own sphere of leadership. We live in an interconnected global web, where no action goes without impacting another. Our programs approach leadership as steps along a path from individual awareness to collective results. The key to success at every step of the path is mastering one's ability to find the beauty in each adversity, the ability to look into a pile of ashes and see the magnificent phoenix waiting to take flight. I invite you to look at your world with new eyes, be inspired, and embrace the opportunities found in each moment. I look forward to celebrating with you! Peace, Erin

  • Erin Lynch, CPF

    Erin Lynch, founder of the Phoenix Center for Transformative Leadership, works with individuals and organizations to maximize their world-changing super-powers, one small step at a time.

    Born in inner-city Baltimore, Erin has had a life rich with struggles, blessings, defeats and triumphs. She invested those in a 20+ year career strengthening nonprofit organizations, engaging students, volunteers, politicians and businesses in social change initiatives. Former Executive Director of the Franklin Food Pantry, her work with the Healthy Futures project continues to serve as a model for food pantries throughout Massachusetts. The collaborative effort garnered a VIP visit to the White House during the Obama administration. Speaking engagements include the Massachusetts State House, the Women Fighting Hunger breakfast in Boston, the New Mexico State Humane conference, and guest lectures at Arizona State University and Dean College. Previously Erin secured and administered the Arizona Department of Economic Security Volunteer Services contract, and served as Executive Director of the Maddie's Project, a strategic alliance which secured a multi-million-dollar community grant for the Phoenix area.

    Erin is certified with the International Association of Facilitators, has been trained in Group Facilitation Methods by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, and holds national certification in Nonprofit Leadership through the Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Innovation. Erin resides in Franklin with her two teenage children, and luckily lives a few minutes from her parents whom she blames for her relentless belief that there is good in the world.


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